Step 1: For Creating a Business – The Idea

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A bad idea that is acted upon is better than a great idea that stays idle in a person mind.  Most people have an idea that they believe will make them a fortune and that idea stays in their mind hibernating over months and years.  A concept if taken action may fail or you may be realized that the idea may not be what you expect it to be, but it also may be successful.  I believe if you have come to this site you have an online business idea but have not taken action on.

The idea behind this blog, Netifyology, is a concept that I believe will work to create some extra income as a side project.  I hope to implement various business concepts that are related to online business and discuss the pros and cons of various strategies that everyone can then use.  This is my trail site to separate the great ideas for the bad one and allow me and you to build up the tool that is necessary to deploy business ideas. Along the way, we will learn from the experience that this site will create.

Over the last few weeks, I have been researching different revenue streams that a person can create from being a content creator to selling ideas, products, and services.  For this research, most of the information is discussed in a big sale pitch format, which never shows the detail that you need to know. As it had been said the devil is in the detail.  For example lot of people have indicated affiliate links to Amazon is a great way to make money, but in the details of the Amazon agreement the affiliates must sell a minimum threshold of product in a year, else you would be removed from the Amazon affiliate program.  That is Amazon’s business plan, which works for them, but does it mean it works for your brand? It might, but as a small business that means you may have to push products that you do not like or use. For the long term success of your brand that would not be acceptable.

The one thing that I would recommend is finding an idea that you will be passionate about because modern day society is armed with a lot of social media resource to pick apart the faint-hearted company that does not back they own ideology or brand.  If you live and believe in the brand that you are creating that would show through to your customers.

In summary, the first step in creating your business or a project to make money is coming up with the idea or concept that you would like to explore.  Make sure that you are passionate and will use the product or service that you are sell to create the most impact because you will be working on it for years.  Like anything in our lifes of great value, it takes time to develop and there are no shotcuts to a success paths.

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    Did anyone have an idea for a business, but did not act on it and found that someone else had?

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