Step 3: For Creating a Business – Prepare to Slay the Barriers

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Congratulation, if you make it this far in the blog and you have created your first New Business Resolution, just like the New Years Resolution most will fail.  This is not due to a lack of desire to achieve the goal but is a result of not being prepared to take on the challenges to achieve your goal(s).

This step is to understand your goal and to achieve a successful resolution to your goal; we have to know what stands in our way and create an action plan to slay the barriers that are in our way.  At this stage, we will not know all the issue that we will be facing, but in the back of our minds, we do know the major hurdles that we will face. We need to determine the best way to handle these barriers when we get to them.  This is like an army going to battle their enemies and when they arrive at the enemy’s castle and seeing the drawbridge being up and saying “Darn the drawbridge is up. Let’s go home.” This is where you as a leading of the charge should say “ Bring forth the temporary bridge and the ramming machine to boost through the drawbridge and enter the enemy’s castle.”

If you have not read the first two post of “For Creating a Business,” Please go back and read them for greater information on the previous steps, but to summary we have

  1. Come up with an idea for the business
  2. Defining your goal with is our mission statement for the company
  3. And now,  making a roadmap to have a chance at becoming successful

In the formal business world, this is your business plan, where you will determine how much money you require to get to your goals, what resources that you need to have to get your business going and a timeline of when you expect to arrive at a milestone in the business like being profitable.

Every business plan is different, if you want to sell your handcrafted art will be more achievable then if you want to create a hotel on Mars.  First, the timelines are different to sell your handmade craft, you can look for the next local farmer market and rent table, for the hotel on Mars, we would have to expect to take a minimum of  a decade or more and there would be more and large barriers that must be won like funding, reach and development, and how to make it affordable enough for the customers to make it a profit on the adventure.

In my attempt to become a successful blogger, I know I have to create interesting contact over a course of a few weeks or months to get increase the number of people viewing to my site on a regular base.  At a point in time, where I have a large following, I can then approach businesses in the field of my blog and ask for an affiliate link, or money to advertise on my website. I know there are other advertising methods, but the question is at what level of control I want on the appearance and what I am will to support as a the brand I created in my blog.  I am sure this will be discussed in future blogs.
In Conclusion,  our goals are the light at the end of the tunnel, but to get there we need to plan our path to achieve it.  We need to manage our expectation and layout the action plan to slay the barriers that will be in our way. To become successful we need to prepare and put in the work to move towards our goal whether it is a  New Years Resolution or your business goals.

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