YouTube Adpocalypse Round 2

With YouTube Adpocalypse 2 happen, This is a good time to talk about YouTube and the platform.  As everyone knows YouTube is a collection of content creators that post videos on the website, which is odd to consider it as a website, but it is a website like Netifyology. If you watch the bigger content creators they refer to YouTube as a community.  This means that the company, YouTube, required the creator to create contact to attract viewers and more traffic to their site. The creators use YouTube brand recognition as a way to boost the view on their channel. Both parties work together to create a profit.  

As is the second largest search engine on the Internet, it creates a lot of traffic to its creators.  With the low entrance cost of zero dollars, it means that anyone with an Internet connection and a camera can create video and post it online.  From a Google search for the status on YouTube, one number sticks out at me, which is 300 hours of video is upload to the site every minute. That is a growth of 18,000% of the content that is available to the general public.  This growth is not manageable, even with the algorithms that are created by the company.

The First Adpocalypse was a result of YouTube trying to change the entry requirement for making money from a new channel.  This is to prevent new creators from making crappy content and trick views to watch their video even when no one wants to watch in an attempt from a creator to make a quick buck.  This change of policy by YouTube is a good thing for the platform and creators because it makes sure that content is of a high quality that people want to watch. This attracts more advertising money into the community.

The Second Adpocalypse, the present one, is related to preventing morally questionable content on Youtube.  As mentioned earlier, the content growth rate of YouTube is becoming unmanageable and it is affecting the YouTube brand and it content creators.  Where companies that are advertizing on YouTube is starting to pull their ad dollars from the site and affecting the bottom line of the whole community.  YouTube is working on trying to fix this issue and will take a bit of time to figure out the correct policies to follow that will bring the platform to equaliblium, again.

If you want to become content creator for YouTube and make income from your channel, expect these try of  Adpocalypse issues to happen in the future because it is imposable for YouTube get infront of all the possible issue can face.  Like anything in life Passion drive your motovaton to keep creating and the money will evenually come.

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