Step 4: For Creating a Business – What is in a Name?

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What is in a name?  What is the meaning of your website or business name? This is the first step in branding your business without a good name you may never be found or people that find you may be confused on what you do.  If I create a restaurant that is called Netifyology’s House of Noodles. What come to you mind? I believe majority of people will believe it is a chinese restaurant that serving noodles, but what happen if I said my restaurant Netifyology’s House of Noodles is a spaghetti place.  You would problem say, “No way! I will never guess it.” Most customer will not find out about my restaurant because if they where looking for pasta they will not step into the door and people that are looking for noodle would walk out because I would not be serving what they are looking for.

This website name and topic does not match each other well, but it is not totally of the mark.  I will tell you the original meaning of this site name, Netifyology and it original intended purpose.  A few years back I had taken network training call CIsco Certificate Network Associate (CCNA), the basic levels for those IT guys and girls that fixes your computers, network printers and so on.  When I started the course it was thinking it would be nice to document the material in a website for my future use and other people taking the course in the future, but as life goes; work, school, and personal life got in the way and the site just sat there being unused.  Get back on track, the name is appropriate for people learning networking. If we break the name to it root word :

Net is short for network that IT department work on

ify  to make or become

-ology is a branch of knowledge normal known in science

Put it back together Net – ify – ology means a branch of knowledge to make a network, which define the initial purpose very well.  Now I am trying to pass it off as a study of online business and technology, which does not work that well.

Another method that use to create their name is just making up at random word.  One company that comes to mind is Google. There is was a word that has no defines meaning in the word before it was invented by the company.  This would make it easy to find a domain (future post), but people will not know what you do, which means more money has to be place in advertising the site.

The fourth method would be using you name like Ford TIm Hortons Coffee.  This is go to personalize the business and build a brand around you, but can be the most scariest one, there is no take back with this one, if you ruin you name there is no going back, but it is also the most power brand building method.

In summary there are four major way to create your website or business name:

  1. Tell what you do “House of Noodles”
  2. Slam together words as I did for Netifyology
  3. Make up a word that does not exist
  4. Used you name

If you want to have a bit of fun, try making a name of the Hotel on Mars that I had mentioned in the “Step 3: For creating a business – Prepare to Slay the Barriers.”  If you bold enough leave your hotel name in the comment in this post, as long as it is appropriate I will post it.

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