Step 5: For Creating a Business – Create your Business and Online Presence?

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If you are ready to start your adventure into business the next step is to register your business name and talk to a lawyer to make your company is official and to an accountant to make sure that you understand what is expected for you like setting up a business account at a banking institution, getting a business number, setting up tax payment and so on.  Since every area has difference government policy I will not pretend to understand them. This is where talking to an expert will pay dividends in the future.

If you are doing something like a blog I would assume that you would be safe to just report your additional income when you file out your taxes.  If you want to be safe talk to an accountant.

Once the above it is done, you are in business, but before you settle on a name you may want to check on the online availability of your business’s or project’s name.  Even if you are not ready to start your business or project you may want to save your business web domain name. A website name is only one item that you should be checking on.  Other sites that you may want to verify would be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media that go on and on. It would take forever, if you have to check all of social media sites manually, the simpler way to do this go to Google and type in “Name Checker”  this will bring on websites that you can just type in your business or porject name to check if your name availability on multiple social media platform. These platform will be used to market, brand, and connect to your customer or clients.

For your business’s or project’s website, there are two think that you need to be aware of.  The first is you need to register your domain name, the above name check should verify that it is available.  The second item would be web hosting if you are a tech guru you problem have an old computer running your web server, but for the rest of us, we will pay for the hosting service.

If you are ready to register your domain name and\or get web hosting please use the below link, which will provide me with a commission for referring you to HostPapa’s website.  I have registered this website name, Netifyology, and host with HostPapa. The reason why I had chosen them because of their hosting plans. I have selected their business plan, because it provides unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and allow an unlimited number of site that you can host (If you have ten (10) project we just have to have ten (10) domain name and only one hosting plan).  You are free to choose your domain registration and web hosting anywhere you want, but I would greatly appreciate the support.

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