What is a White Label

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A white label does not have to do with the colour of the label, it is, in fact, the term is used to rebrand a product or service.  

To get into this in more detail, a manufacturer produces a product, let say a Bu-ray player.  The manufacturer makes billions of these Blu-ray players and they had cornered the market in production.  No other company can come close to the price point of making it, due to the market of scale.

This does not mean that we only can buy one Blu-ray play?  When we go to the store we see we see ten different companies selling Blu-Ray player.  How can this be we only have one manufacturer, but ten different companies sell the product?  This is what white label product is, a manufacturer a product or service places a different label on the product or service as is that company had made it, even though it came from the place as all the other Blu-ray players.

What does that mean for you a person that trying to start a small business, it means less money on developing a product because it is being made in bulk by a third party vendor,  For a small company it may mean improved product because it is the same as all other vendors. Therefore branding becomes more important to stand out from the other competitors in the market.  just yours does not have the brand recognition of larger companies.

Should you get involved in white label product or services?  This one is a tricky subject, if you want to create a product that standout above all the other products and solve an issue that need to be solved, then no this is not for you.  If you want to just work on marketing a company and not worry about developing a product then this may be some to try.

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