Everybody has a photograph that sticks in their mind.  Take a moment and think of your favorite photograph.  Can you see it in your mind?  What is it about?   Describe it.

Ultimately,  we like photographs because it unlocks memories from the pass. It makes us think about a person, place or thing from the pass, and get that “oh yeah that was taken  …” moment, with a smile or laugh of  a better time or place.

One example of mine is the below photograph, which I had not seen for about two years after taken the photo, and when I saw the photo I laugh and say oh yeah…

… I had taken this photo about two summer ago.  It was a nice summer day , but I was feel a bit grumpy. I went into my back yard and seen this two feet ball hiding in the treeline smiling back at me, and it made me think why I am so grumpy.  I taken out my camera and to take a photo of the ball and started to laugh as I taken the photo.  All this can back to me instantaneously, after seeing the photo for a few seconds.

Of course, this picture is not the greats and will not win any awards, but I still like it, because it brought me to a time that I had laughed.

This section of the page will discuss camera technology and photography technique to improve you photos, but like most of us including myself, we are taken photos for fun, but wants to improve the visual appeal of our photographs.  I hope this will help.